The Elemental Workplace

You may well be reading this at work. Look around you – I am sure you will agree your workplace could be significantly better. Do you tolerate a mediocre, uninspiring and dysfunctional environment, because that’s the way its always been? It doesn’t have to be. Everyone deserves a fantastic workplace – a positive environment in which to live, learn, grow, share and contribute. Yet it need not be difficult to create if you follow this simple and intuitive framework. An Elemental Workplace is a standard that all can aspire to attain, not a castle on the hill for the privileged few.

This book is intended for everyone, whether managing a property portfolio or a project, managing people, owning or running a business, or just taking an interest in the workplace to which they are treated or subject and want to get something done about it. Free of buzzwords and excuses for inaction, it offers a practical and accessible approach that will stand the test of time. It is sharp, funny, and gets to the point… your workplace can be fantastic.


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About The Author

Neil Usher

For more than 25 years in the property profession, Neil Usher has been there and done it (strategy, development, transactions, workplace creation, change programmes, capital projects, operational management) at scale for a host of large and diverse organizations. The common theme in each case; organizations with a desire to transform their workplace, in need of the vision, plan and creativity to make it happen. From a blank piece of paper, he has created amazing people-centric workplaces across the globe, in Australia, Singapore, America, Canada, South Africa and Europe. Most recently he completed a multiple-award-winning workplace in West London, one of the world’s largest, most progressive and amenity-rich agile environments. In 2011 he started writing a highly influential blog, workessence, which recently gave its name to his executive consulting business, and can be found on Twitter @workessence. He is a regular conference and academic speaker, and occasional performance poet. He lives in London with his family.



Everyone deserves a fantastic workplace. It can boost engagement, trust, energy, commitment, innovation, motivation, happiness and (whisper it) productivity. Yet most people stoically tolerate a mediocre, unimaginative and poorly equipped working environment that serves neither their needs nor those of their organization. It is a ‘lose, lose’.

But this need not be the case.

Crafted from over 25 years’ experience of transforming large-scale working environments for thousands of people all over the world, this book shows you how to create a fantastic workplace by focusing on 12 key elements and creating a change programme that builds a spirit of possibility – wherever you are, whichever sector you work in, whatever budget you have and whichever style of working you prefer.

It’s a tried and tested approach fashioned from diverse real world experience, not an idea hatched in a laboratory or on a slide deck. Written in everyday language for everyone who works in an office, it is a simple, accessible and practical framework that challenges much of the established practice in the property world. It will make you want to go back to your office and get started. Today.


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